ABE was created by a group of folks from the Summerfield community who want to make sure that no one in our schools has to go hungry. Below is a list of those folks who make up the ABE Board and a little about each person. At the end of the list of Board members are a few special mentions for outstanding people in our community who have given of their time and resources. If you would like to suggest fundraisers and/or join us to help with an upcoming fundraiser please contact us.

Here are the members of the ABE Board

Jake LaRocca

Jake is a junior at Summerfield High School and has been instrumental in giving the Board a voice for the Bulldog experience. He has many ideas for future fundraisers.

Melinda LaRocca

Mindy graduated from Summerfield and works at the University of Michigan. Mindy developed the Christmas Home Tour and brings lots of ideas to the group. Mindy is a co-founder of ABE and the long rides to Ann Arbor helped her and Peggy Westrick finalize their plans.

Ryan LaRocca

Ryan graduated from Summerfield and works at PlaneWave in Adrian. Ryan’s direct approach to solving problems is invaluable to keeping the ABE Board moving forward.

Colleen Null

Colleen, a Summerfield graduate, works at the University of Toledo. Colleen developed the ABE logo and the GoFundMe page.

Virgil Null

Virgil, also a Summerfield graduate, works at Lakeside Interior Contractors. Virgil developed the ABE logo and the GoFundMe page. He has a real desire to help the kids in the Summerfield School system and continues to develop fundraisers.

Peggy Westrick

Peggy moved to Petersburg about 40 years ago and immediately knew this was home. ABE has been a long-time goal for her, and once she retired she was able to pull together the ABE Board and get started on funding lunches as no one can excel without food.

Tom Westrick

Tom has been a Petersburg resident for about 40 years. When ABE was pitched to him he dug right in and helped put together the charter for the ABE Board. His contribution is often behind the scenes as an IT professional.

A Special Thank-You

Ken Franzen

Ken, from Neon Goldfish and our community, has donated his time and resources to create and host our new website. Thank-you Ken, it has been wonderful working with you and your company.

Tommy Westrick

Tommy, from our community, has agreed to be the Official Photographer for ABE. Even better pictures to come.

Joel LaRocca

Unique Design Screenprinting is the official ABE source for all graphic design needs. Thank you Joel for all that you do.

Adrienn Hunt

Adrienn helps us keep our website updated with what’s going on and what’s to come.