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Good morning to our ABE Community!

We are starting our summer lunch program again this year. Flyers went home to all students K-12 so we could have a total head count for summer lunch needs.

We are thankful we did. We have 280 lunches ready to be picked up for our first WEEK of the summer program.

Due to COVID, most of our fundraising stalled. If you would like to donate to the ABE program we could use your help.

You can make a donation through our website:

or send a check to:

4161 Forrest Ave, Petersburg, MI 49270

Thank you for your continued support!!!

All Bulldogs Eat

ABE was created by a group of folks from the Summerfield community who want to make sure that no one in our schools go hungry. We approached the school board and were met with overwhelming support as we got ABE going.

Luckily in Summerfield schools, administrators and teachers were already stepping up to make sure that all kids got a good lunch. As you may know, research shows that students who are well fed learn much more easily. So when we approached the school to help bridge the gap between those getting lunches and those needing a little help, they agreed to partner with us.

We have been able to provide over 600 lunches because of the generosity of our Community and with the help of our school. Remember, no one person is ABE. ABE is all of us. We will continue our outreach with new fundraisers so that we can continue our work.

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“Hungry kids aren’t good at learning. Their growling stomachs are so much louder than lessons, logic, and good decisions. When kids are hungry it’s really hard for them to think about anything else.”

~Adrienn Hunt

“Kids should never go hungry”

~Marian Ecker