Community Days 2019

This will be a longer than normal message, but on behalf of ABE—All Bulldogs Eat, we want to thank you and update you on what we’ve been doing this summer. Lunches are being given out to hungry kids in our community through a Sack Lunch Program available at the Petersburg Library. Remember this is “no naming and no shaming” so picking up the lunches needed requires no contact with the Library staff. You can come in the back side of the Library from the Community Room, and there you’ll find the Sack Lunches on a table.
ABE has raised over $5,800 over all including this summer from these Community Supporters (if you wonder why we haven’t contacted you yet for a donation, don’t worry you are on our list):
• Thompson Plumbing and Heating (ongoing commitment)
• Blood Mary Bar at Community Day
• Can returns (ongoing fundraiser that has brought in over $900 this year)
• Bob’s Country and Summerfield Markets (SM is helping us get our food for summer lunches at cost); VFW and Walnut Bars, and My Papa’s Place Restaurant. These folks have strategically placed a Jar for ABE at their counter this summer, please look for them and contribute if you can
• Community Days from donations and Pie in the Face Booth
• Rotary Club
• Plus, there are funds that have come through our and through the GoFundMe Page on the ABE Facebook site.
• Joel LaRocca – Unique Design Screenprinting has donated all print material since the launch of ABE as well as Tshirts
• Petersburg Volunteer Firefighters Association– Booth donation and continued support over the Community Days to help us spread the word about ABE

We are proud to say that ABE has given out over 850 lunches during the school year since our start date of December 1st. We have also given out 38 lunches this summer at the Library and are going strong. We can’t thank our local Library enough and our excellent leadership there. We’ve also contacted local churches in hopes that they too will help distribute our lunches this summer. We will continue talking with local businesses to keep the donations coming. Remember no one person is ABE, ABE is all of us!!!!!!


Visit our booth at Community Days on Saturday July 13th…